Hamper Time

That time of the year, I remember growing up I would see my Mum receiving hamper gifts, in some ways she still does chocolate galore, you see gift sets, cheese platters, biscuits but what about personalised hampers, making your own, I was lucky enough to be gifted this, by my lovely future in laws.

As you see everyone is covered from the dog, to my partner of course and me. All the goodies are locally sourced from Leicestershire where my partner and his family are from, ย so it’s touch of home for him, I’ve also lived there but long ago when I was a teen. Oh sorry besides the dog treats which isn’t, not that Holly (pet dog) would know either way, haha.

Breakfast time, what a way to start the day with proper porridge, it’s different taste to shop bought i.e. supermarket/name brand, when you first eat it, you like confused, won’t lie took me couple bowls to get fully use to the taste, then I got hooked, which when had to go back to supermarket brand I had to readjust, as got spoilt with Claybrooke Mill oats. Then you top up with Leicestershire Honey, you have banging breakfast.

I love me a bit of chutney, of course we’ve already picked who’s who, we still both share minus the ‘Spicey Green Tomato Chutney’ which is purely his, he has opened his, and theres been no complaints, he loves it, as you may be able to tell by the pic, that his is lower than the others, don’t worry wasn’t short changed, just that he ate some of his before pics was taken, as had to wait for good weather day aka actual daylight to take the pics, one of the joys of the UK, ha. I know my fellow bloggers can relate.

I went from breakfast, to chutney (that compliments the meal) and now onto the chocolate treats, full circle of the day. The ‘Raspberry & Almond’ chocolates are suitable for vegans, oh boy are they delicious, it’s like heaven in your mouth, also the ‘Lavender Dark Chocolate’ is vegan, of course the ‘Geranium Rose Milk Chocolate’ ย is not vegan, suitable for vegetarians. It’s packaged in cute little way, little parcels of delights. I done quick little research, this small business is from Derby which is next door to Leicestershire (so it’s semi local to the area haha).

Now if there was a way for you guys to smell it through the screen, you guys would love it, when you open the bag even before you can smell it, but once you open it, truly hits you, such a decadent smell you get.

I think something like this is good for Christmas present/hamper gift, a socking filler (couple of the items), or general gift, it’s nice thoughtful gift. Just ideas for gifts ๐Ÿ™‚ plus I like sharing small businesses, not that don’t show bigger on my blog, it’s nice to spread the love.

PS- Credit to my partner who took the pics for me. He says doesn’t get mentioned enough, so here we are, Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰




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