Car Boot Sale Haul

You cannot beat good ole car boot sale, as you never know what gems you will find, the sellers are friendly as of course it’s majority is families selling things, when I see co-operate company, won’t lie puts me off, so stay away from them, unless it’s charity stalls. Usually car boot sales are far from me, the ones that’s considered near is difficult to get too, so when saw poster of one actually near me, it would of been rude not to go…

Here is the items I bought from the car boot sale, I was so happy with my finds.

The skirt was from cool bohemian stall, it was their last bit of stock, that they had to sell, a couple that travels to different festivals, as it was end of season for them, selling up the rest of it. Skirt cost only £1.00 fell in love with it straight away, the embroidery, patterns on it, sold, cannot wait to style it, have it be featured in outfit posts in the future.
Earrings from the same stall, cost only 50p.
Hello Kitty plate £2.00.
Hello Kitty bowl £2.00


If you new to my blog, I love Hello Kitty. So finding them, you can only imagine my joy, my poor partner, Holly (pet dog) had to put up with me squealing of joy, overall made it worthwhile going, getting up and out in the morning, plus the cheeky burger we bought from there, hehe, hey love food. Thankfully we left at good time, as soon as we got in, it started to rain.

Anybody else who likes going to car boot sale?

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