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It’s that time of the year, getting ready for December, and being festive. What more fitting than santa jug/jars, that has become my everyday drink to put in. Guess where it’s from, any guesses, if you shop there, you will already know, it’s from the Pound shop. Just because it’s bought from there, mean it be crap, nope.

Second picture all items bought from WHSmith, everything cost 50p besides the card game. I know you looking at this haul thinking this must be for a child, nope, all for me. The badges are characters from a film, if you not seen the movie ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ you need to see it, it’s just how I imagine my pets are in real life if they could talk, but I also like to do voices for my pets like what they could be thinking etc, my own imaginary world, bit of comedy, so don’t know why I wasn’t contacted for the making of the this film, haha. Scotch tape because I like using it for my penpal letters, my journal and it’s just handy to have. If you new to my blog, I love love Hello Kitty so that doesn’t even need explanation, and musical card game where you have to guess the name of the song and the artist by the abstracts on each card, pre warn you it’s hard game, partner and I played it, we was lost half the time, ended up making our own stuff up for giggles. This game be good for big group, different knowledges of music.

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