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New Haircut. The Chop

So couple of weeks ago secretly got my haircut, didn’t tell a soul that I was going to do it, spoke about it but never said when and if I do it for sure. After months of my hair breaking off, not growing the speed usually does. Finally gave me the push to chop it off. Been wanting to go short for quite some time now, in the past I’ve had very short hairstyles for some reason I gravitate to short hair after awhile. Was looking for hairdresser that was understanding as do suffer with dry scalp, can be very embarrassing showing stranger hey I have flakey scalp. As in the past I’ve gone to hairdressers and they be pulling a face like eww flakes, oh wow, or just being rude. So from that have shied away. Until now so looked for new hairdresser, as the one I am familar with, lovely lady, sadly was off sick. Me wanting to just do my hair no stalling. Googled, came across Lydia’s hairdressing salon, what was great you could whatsapp her, found I could talk her about hair problems, also just heads up that I am disabled so might need to help me into the seat or out, and Lydia was cool about it. Once got there, and she began to do my hair there wasn’t interruptions, as too many times in black hair salons they can take forever to do your hair, as they might stop and chat, go to different customer, just distractions everywhere. For me I can’t afford to be at salon all day due to my health.

Once Lydia asked what hairstyle I want, she worked her magic. I do apologize I never took pictures of my hair straight away other than the 1st pic in the collage, I’ve just been enjoying my hair. And the pics above was taken at Easter after a meal and while my sister was drinking wine so yeah. And the back of my hair, pic don’t do it justice, plus it has grown a bit where bottom bit was shaved. But don’t despair I’m sure there be more pics of my hair and in better quality. I just thought I do this blog post now as I didn’t want to do it until my loved ones saw it in person. So surprise sureprise to my friends and some of my family that didn’t know. Exclusive for my readers. Sorry not said anything like I said just been enjoying my hair. Oh if you want different ways to style short hair, still can change the look just because it’s short don’t mean can’t have fun with it, may do blog post or even a vid if I am brave enough.

Also must be wondering why two collages of same thing, as couldn’t decide which one to post, I put both up. As black and white looks like I am going to casting call, showing my portfolio, which did make me laugh. Then normal colour one just so you can see it in real light.

Let me know what you think, do you like the new haircut?

Also details on the hairdresser done my hair. Lydia’s hairdressing salon, 312 London Road, Croydon, CR4 2TU. Phone number 02070418829.

My hairdresser just sent me the pics, that she took on the day for her portfolio.

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