Christmas Gift Ideas

Nude perfect cleansing oil face & eyes, Fiorelli clutch bag, leather gloves, House Of Holland Nail Art, and Paperchase Bottle with Straw.
Fiorelli clutch bag outside it’s packaging, also nail art and Nude cleanser out of the package.
Hello Kitty little guide tips book, activity exercise book and stickers.

First off need to declare these were actually gifts for me from my friends. So you can say already are the perfect gifts, and it covers most bases fashion/accessories, beauty, and stationery. However understand this might not be everyone’s choice, but can give you an idea perhaps. For me if someone like myself who’s clumsy and have shaky hands, drinks plenty of water or juice then cool quirky bottle could be for you. Me personally doesn’t have to be the most expensive gift for me to be grateful, and love it, however I’m not going too turn down luxury gifts either, all I am saying is don’t feel the pressure of Christmas needing everything to be grand. And you know it wouldn’t be complete if Hello Kitty wasn’t added in the mix, it’s me, can’t help my love for it.

You know I be giving my two penny on my thoughts on the cleanser, hopefully do outfit or date night with the clutch in the near future, and no doubt you’ll see me wearing my gloves in instagram picture, be sure to follow me on my social platforms.


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