This is going to be different kind of blog post, not something I make of habit of asking for help, so when I am, you know I truly do, letting my pride go out the window and let the sensibleness step in. If you been following my blog you know my wheelchair is out of action, I depend on it a lot, it’s not just wheelchair, it’s freedom, allows me to be out for longer periods, be safer due to my non epileptic seizures that happen at any given time, not being so confined.

I don’t get to pursue my passion for taking pics through disabled person perspective, example of my work in a blog post click here, bring awareness and show the creative side of me. Being out I get inspired, at the moment feel like it’s on hold. Like I said it’s not just a wheelchair, through research and going on my own experience I know need wheelchair that can deal with the city road pavements as well as the countryside when on family/day trips, as it will do mileage. The wheelchair is my legs if I could walk that long, extension of me, that comes at a cost, sadly I am unable to afford it, so I am turning to the public to help. In any way you could help, donate pennies, pounds every bit counts, and sharing my gofundme page I be so so grateful.

For links to my gofundme page, you can click on my screenshot above it will take you there, also have direct link on my sidebar, have the logo on the right hand side, all links that can take you there, multiple ways of finding it, so you can’t miss it.

support ya girl anyway you can.

Thank you xx




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