First of all apologise for my loopysos being bit more dodgy than usual. Currently have dodgy right arm/hand due to me injuring it during dissociative seizure, I’ve aggravated the nerve causing extra pains, yeah… During my confused state couple weeks ago. I will speak more on what dissociative seizures are, and the type of non epileptic seizures I personally have, and what I’ve learnt from the programme, follow up of my inpatient experience in neuro rehab for functional neurological disorder. 

So what’s this post all about, well I’m trying to branch out, stop so being so closed in my bubble. If I’m honest don’t have many friends. Right here I’m opening up, it’s hard to do, but I’m learning that it’s ok to express yourself no matter the situation. I would love to have group of friends/friend I just chill with, go out with, but also be aware of my fatigue, high pain from my illnesses, non epileptic seizures, that I will need breaks, you may have to repeat yourself couple times as don’t always hold information in, find it hard. Just be understanding, be prepared to be cancelled on when feeling extra poorly, or just isn’t physically or even mentally possible. I know I sound a treat, don’t I, but I never do it out of spite, don’t be offended, it’s not you, it’s me. I couldn’t resist the cheesy line, but it’s true. 

If you home person great, if you go out out but it’s like once and while great, day trips, little weekend trips, not that I have the money mind you. I know must be bloggers out there, who’s loners maybe, don’t get to socialise due to their job perhaps, or disabled like me, before you say there’s groups out there, I know. But when you wanna picture stuff, or someone take pic of you, it’s like what, why, blog, what’s a blog… My poor partner has to put up with it, who thankfully does take good pics, lucky his not like click done, positioning, location, lighting, yep…

Who’s up for it? Chats, hanging out, outings. Just posting this, has my anxiety going crazy, but I’m trying to tackle it better. Hope there’s a response. Comment in comment section, email me that’s in my All about me section, tweet me, instagram, so can find me on my social medias (that’s on the side bar). If you know someone who might be interested, forward the blog post to them, sharing is caring. Xx

PS I don’t know much about make up, or fashion trends, all the designers, skin care expert, more of ya general lady, if that still ok with you, contact away.. 

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