One Whole Year Of Being A Vegetarian

I cannot believe it, one of thee biggest meat eater turned vegetarian.

So what happened, is it for diet reasons, is it for some bogus diets that will cure-all my illnesses, is it a trend, will it make me slim again, did a campaign make me think go veggie, nope and nope again, I just simply went off meat/fish completely, oh and the slim part on the contrary it wasn’t down to my diet why I gained weight, being pumped with steroids, to certain meds, then just cherry on top putting me on antidepressants with side effects of weight gain (upping the doses), and of course lack of mobility doesn’t help, I think I leave that for different post about weight.

Back to being vegetarian, I was never much of a fan cooking fresh meat personally, but enjoyed being consumer of meat/fish, but then the after effects, bloating, meat sweats, the rare/odd occasion food poisoning, I took everything for granted all the options, the expenses, get onto that in a mo, I felt like was being selfish, greedy. At the beginning found going to the supermarket with my partner at ease, as wasn’t overloaded with the whole supermarket of options, weird I know, didn’t feel like greedy consumer (this isn’t a post to bash meat eaters, this is just my personal story/journey).

Then reality set in, who knew being vegetarian came at a price, when meat an animal that’s had to die is cheaper than veggie alternative, a vegetable, yes that’s correct you kinda think damn, this is fucked up, is meat so little regarded, I know some things contains little meat, mostly water and lots of other stuff in it. I know if I ever become meat-eater again, I will have more of appreciation of it. Eating out/take away prices near enough the same or just little under than meat dishes, and sometimes even more expensive in comparison to meat dish, truly has opened my eyes.

Do I miss it, this is someone who tried for a week and that was pushing it, to now a whole year, truthfully it’s the work that goes into finding places that has veggie options and me liking the option, as I do not like certain veg aka beetroot (root vegetable) which is in a lot of veggie food, now found out don’t like certain mushroom, cannot remember the name, it’s not the common one like chestnut. Do I miss eating fish/meat nope, just mere thought is a vomit sound, all I’ve done to replace my favourite thing cheeseburger is to have it in many veggie forms. I’m not dying of hunger, or feeling extra fatigue because I don’t eat meat, my blood tests hasn’t changed because I don’t eat meat, nor blood pressure, don’t live off chips everyday. Now that I’ve gone through all the holidays Easter, Christmas etc I found myself dreading it at first, the Β attention around meat, and fish, my partner was like this is your favourite time of the year celebrations/food, my partner is meat-eater my entire family are meat eaters (immediate family) so yeah it was bit stressful, as I am already hard work as it is (physical health/the seizures/mental health) so adding on top can you only feed me this please, of course I felt like great more burdens, my partner never signed to have vegetarian partner, my family never signed up for it, no one saw this coming, like I said I was biggest meat eater, I didn’t do the whole going veggie for a month, my partner thought it just be a week at the most, then couple months, still thinking I go back to meat/fish, I didn’t even go public with it, including family after months because I wanted to be confident enough to say it and back it up. Exploring whole new world of food. I just wanted to celebrate this achievement, as its big one for me, as it’s around constantly, saying no, listening to my body and mind but also not putting pressure on myself has helped, don’t put forever title on myself, I think being chronically ill I don’t do the whole in 10 years time I be living on the coast, with husband and a kid, as health is so unpredictable, I set goals short-term, not saying this a goal, but just how letting it happen naturally.

Are you newly veggie? a vegan? pescatarian? or you’ve returned back to meat? etc, let me know you’re experiences.

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