Meeting And Lunch

This week I had meeting just to see how the programme going for me, it’s under mental health organisation, don’t won’t to go into detail on what it is just yet, it’s not therapy as there’s misconception that only therapy is offered, theres different group activities, classes, one to one help in different forms. I just think it deserves blog by itself, when I’m ready to be open, as mental health is dear to my heart, so will come back and talk about it, just for now it’s my personal journey. During the meeting talked about goals, when I say goals don’t mean in years time I be buying a house (plus ain’t got coins to be buying NO property, I wish), it’s goals thats attainable to ME.

After the meeting my partner and I went somewhere for lunch.

We wanted to go somewhere we not been too before, in our local shopping centres, and as we not been to this cafe, we decided on this spot- Classic Cafe.

Papping my own partner, haha, while I wait for the food, oh you can also see my shadow, didn’t realise that until uploaded this, I can be slow, oh dear me…..

Obviously this is his food, prawn mayonnaise avocado baguette, sadly he prefers the other cafe in the other shopping centre to this, it’s bigger and half the price, he liked it, but wasn’t a winner for him (his words). We shared portion of garlic chips (seasoned with garlic, not in actual chips). The drinks in background fresh lemonade (my drink) and green smoothie (can’t remember what’s in it, plus that was his). I enjoyed my drink, and the smoothie tasted real nice, as did try it.

Mine- Vegetarian baguette (mix of vegetables with cheese and avocado). I loved mine, tasty. I will admit it is on the pricey side, for us personally, however it was worth the try (for me anyway), tick on the list. Last two pics taken by M (aka partner).

Did you go anyway for lunch this week/recently, where did you go, was it good? Tell me in the comments section. Also don’t forget to join me my social medias @loopysos – Twitter, and Instagram.


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