Finding Out The Hype- Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

Finally finding out the hype, as heard about this last year first from someone I know (Jyoti if you reading, by any chance, I wish, haha) then I saw it on TV programme called This Morning, just hearing the buzz about this.

My partner saw that the local Fun Fair (that comes round, couple times per year), is serving Yorkshire Pudding Wraps, like what, no lie thought I be trying it at pop up shop at Central London stations or something, who knew it turn up on my door step. I’m not complaining.

Guess what they had veggie one, yes I’m in luck. It was like my prayers was answered.

Now the taste, literally was like having Sunday roast all in one, and I wasn’t complaining. Don’t ask me who would eat such filling thing before getting on rides, would be big mistake, defiantly after all the rides, body settled, then eat it. Yorkshire pudding wrap does it live up to the hype, I sure enjoyed it, partner did, had pork filling said the same thing. Something you won’t know about me, unless you are my mum or my partner I love yorkshire pudding savoury and the sweet kind, so this is just another way to eat it, I’m all for it. Thumbs up from me.

Do you like yorkshire pudding? Or something you really like that can be savoury or sweet? Let me know, love to hear.



4 thoughts on “Finding Out The Hype- Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

  1. Had one of these at a pub place and it wasn’t the best! Want to try it again though, as I could imagine it would taste great! X

  2. Yassss!!! I loved it when i made mine, definitely prefer it savoury. quite filling too. Great Blog Lucy ♡♡

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