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My long overdue post about dining out for my partner’s birthday, as lover of burgers thought it be fitting to take him somewhere where both our bellies be full, proper burgers after looking online searching for somewhere that does real burgers and that isn’t in Central London or there about’s. Came across this place with great reviews, so I thought why not give this place a try, rang up to ask if they could have a candle on the cake however they suggested on the burger which I think ended up being better, nice surprise for the birthday man. Friendly staff, although don’t have pics of the interior it was classic diner design which I thoroughly liked. I chosen meal that funny enough was named Juicy Lucy, it would have been rude of me not too, and it just so happen to be type of burger I would like, which I did. As you can see the pics just right amount of portions, serving my favourite sweet potato chips, didn’t fail my test, as some can be too crispy but these was tasty with the right amount of crunch, the burger itself succulent, just melts in your mouth. Dessert chocolate brownie very rich, overall thumbs up from me, will defiantly be going back.

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