A Week Of Naughty Treats

This week it’s been family member birthday, Halloween, and lunch date, on top of that normal errands and asthma clinic appointment, so it’s been busy one for me, my body is paying the price, the joys of chronic illnesses you have to pay for it afterwards, even before just getting ready.

Starting the week with my brothers birthday, family and I went to Chinese buffet.

Egg fried rice, chow mein, broccoli, mushrooms and onion rings.

My brothers birthday cupcakes, yum.

My partner went away for long weekend, went back to Leicestershire where his from, as he went to convention up in Birmingham over the weekend. As he stayed with his parents, he came back with treats that they bought and also made. The haul- cobweb with spiders lights, the best honey from Leicestershire, finest cheese (has the postcard leaflet on it), bacon that was for my partner of course yes all Leicestershire home grown, quality, so it’s lovely treat. And last but not least is my future mum in law homemade sweet American pumpkin pie.

And the verdict on it- absolutely delicious, loved it, I now want this every year from Sue (my partner’s mum).

Of course this week was Halloween, carved out pumpkins, this is my one, down below.

My partner carved his and put it outside for Halloween.

We even dressed Holly, skull pattern outfit bought from bargain bin at Pets At Home months ago, she didn’t want to take it off, as it’s so soft and warm, she loves her comfort.

I got the chance to meet up with associate at Matthews Yard (I don’t want to say friends as we not that level, doesn’t take away the interaction we with). Had herbal tea- chamomile/camomile lovely.

Yes indulged….

We shared vegan chocolate fudge cake, I had most of it, oh my word, yum.

So this week been good week when it comes to desserts, spoilt with delights.

Any dessert lovers out there? tell me what you love.

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