A Honest Review Of Artbox Cafe

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Recently my best friend MikeyΒ took me to Artbox Cafe in Brighton for my Birthday in July.

It was very HOT day when we went, the Artbox Cafe current theme is Hello Kitty & Friends, and that’s right up my alley, I have Hello Kitty tattooed on me, so it was perfect timing. My best friend done all the booking etc.

First off, it’s not accessible, there’s step to go in ArtBox Cafe, and I find it annoying how many places think one step means it’s accessible, no. There was no space for my wheelchair, despite being told in advance, it was left to my best friend to move the table, so I could fit. There was zero Birthday elements, but I will get into that more in a moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the cute touches, but there was no air con or a fan to keep us cool where we was seating, if wasn’t for my bestie bringing his portable fan, I would have passed out, not even joking. I got confused with the amount of waiting staff that would come up, wasn’t like one or two servers it was more, so for me personally harder to know what was happening etc.

The food we ordered for our lunch, the aesthetics adorable cuteness overload.

However the actual food itself was just ok, I’m not influencer/youtuber/not someone who has big following, they hyped this cafe to the max online, going there myself as disabled person who is ambulatory wheelchair user my interaction was different.

But I will say the dessert was GOOD, that I can rave about, made up for the lunch food. Did I get single ‘Happy Birthday’ from any of the staff NOPE, or written anywhere, a balloon something, they knew in advance it was Birthday booking, if Central London places that are non stop busy can make an effort, give you free dessert, a drink for free, even if was just Hello Kitty pin, I didn’t feel celebrated there unfortunately.

The toilets are on the second or third floor, no lift, yep meant I couldn’t go to the loo, thankfully I didn’t need too. Did I still buy items from there, of course, as I do love Artbox, I just wished disabled people were thought of. Email me, DM me, I doubt they want me after this, but like we travelled from London to Brighton, my best friend drove, just to make life easier. I don’t wanna be after thought, in this case no thought. Overall happy we went, as it’s Sanrio, it’s the UK so it’s not like these type of places are just everywhere.

My best friend done vlog about it, check it out, get to see the place fully.


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