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Pub Roast Dinner And Chilling In The Park- Happy Easter

It’s not Easter without Easter Eggs…

Considering we don’t have kids, nor any family members that came around, we went all out, bought Easter Eggs for one another, fun fact I’m not fan of the chocolate eggs, I’ll eat maybe bit, I enjoy the chocolate bars that come with it, the little teddy, so you can guess who’s who, so he’ll be eating the eggs.

As it’s been lovely weather, we went for Sunday Pub Roast date today (at The Builders Arms). My meal nut roast served with roast potatoes it’s underneath (cannot see it in the pic), yorkshire pudding, honey glazed carrots, cauliflower cheese, swede puree, sticky red cabbage, and red gravy.

Here’s my meal with the gravy on it, yummy and of course with Cider (that time of the year again, love me bit of cider). Overall I enjoyed my meal 🙂

As the pub dog friendly we brought our Holly on the date. She spent all her time on the grass, she was literally on the seat for maybe 5 mins or less, so had to take this pic real quick.

After the meal, we moved onto the park that’s near to us, just chilled, enjoying the weather, as type this I’m now chilling with my heating pad on my back, joys of chronic life, it was nice to get out for bit for Easter.

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