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Fee & Brown Coffee Shop

Time has flown by, July was busy month for me from going to concert to see Doja Cat incase you missed it click here, to Hyper Japan blogged about that click here, going to see The Lion King live stage show blog coming soon about that, family BBQ towards the end of the month so it was jam packed, whilst still trying to rest and pace myself (for us chronically ill people that word pace, isn’t always easy, either way we know our bodies going to mega ache just we have no option but to rest before and after). However amongst the busyness I visited ‘Fee & Brown’ in Beckenham High Street, Bromley.

I was looking about for Coffee Shops, as the one I liked and go too, from time to time had closed, so was on look out for one, also somewhere not at my usual spot.

Went there, the person I went with assisted I share with her we had ‘All Things Avocado Served on 100% organic hoxton rye- house made salsa, pine nuts, and fresh basil’ and my drink ‘Hot chocolate: Belgian chocolate with alternative milk’. The meal and hot drink was tasty, full of flavour.

Before you go there’s meat on my post, I thought you were vegetarian – I AM, this is my partners meal, I was lucky to be given the opportunity to be gifted free meals by the owner of Fee & Brown. This was on separate day/ week from the previous meal had before, pictured before the pic above. He had ‘ Organic ciabatta bap- sliced salt beef, swiss cheese, gherkins & dill’* and a hot drink ‘Americano’*.  He loved his drink, just drink alone would make him keep coming back, there was no complaints about his food, he gave it thumbs up overall.

My meal ‘Bagel- grilled mushrooms, hummus, I changed the halloumi cheese for different one’* I liked the fact was given other options of cheeses when I spoke to the waitress, which for me was bonus number 1.  It was scrumptious. My drink ‘Turmeric matcha latte, with alternative milk’* however when speaking to the waitress we was talking, it was hot day and she suggested cold version to it, I was like YES, if you follow my blog you know I like matcha, so that was bonus number 2, needless to say I enjoyed it.

It’s nice cool spot, to have breakfast or lunch at, they also serve sweet treats, I had a slice of ‘Pecan tart’* to take home with me, I had it for dessert that day, it was so yummy, bonus number 3 as never expected that to be gifted to me, I am not being paid for this, nor have they even asked me to Blog this, however wanted to show my appreciation, support local business, rave about their good food and drink, I’ve been there as paid customer and as non, friendly staff, and we be back again for sure.

Disclaimer *gifted meals.



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