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A Dog Isn’t Just For Christmas

redone selfie with jr

Couldn’t resist little blog post of me and my doggy, as this is the time of year people are thinking of getting a pet as Christmas present for loved one, always makes me feel bit weary as such a big commitment and yes that famous slogan ‘A pet isn’t just for Christmas but for life‘ well how many years the life span is of the pet. Don’t get caught in the hype, trend of which ever breed of dog is popular, or cat etc, pick wisely, do your’re research, ask questions, and lot of people forget about vets, yes just like humans we have GP’s signed to doctors surgery, so make sure have veterinary nearby or able to travel too easily, vital things to think about.

The pic above is me in my local area, with art pieces behind, thought it make good back drop, sorry about quality was taken by a phone, nevertheless isn’t Jr cute with his jacket on, yes it matches with my partners jacket, don’t ask… However hope you enjoying the festive season. Ho Ho Merry Christmas xx

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