Wardrobe Storage Hack

If you are someone like me who has several scarfs in various sizes, materials, prints, thin, thick, just for fashion, or is for warmth. You are left wondering how can I store them. Before you think this is an ad, sponsored, gifted it, nope, just me sharing something that could help, perhaps.

This is the before:

Busted four tier hanger, even tried tapping it up, that failed, yes looking real ghetto, I was hanging on to it, get it hang, hanger, ok, I stop with the bad jokes, haha. You can’t even see all the scarfs that’s on it, lot of times forgetting the scarfs I have, so just go to the same scarfs.

And here is the now:

On ‘Komplement multi use hanger’ in grey, cost £3.00 from Ikea.

Close up:

You may notice, I’ve decluttered, it was time. So now have the ones I actually use, have clear view of them now, each in their section. So if you looking for something to store your scarfs on, like me having it in one spot, doesn’t take up much room and it’s in your wardrobe which is handy in every way, of course I took it out the wardrobe, so you could see it as whole. For me this new multi use hanger has been so useful,  easier to keep everything in one spot, keep on top of where they are, so for me, gets a rating, lets hope it’s has long staying power aka doesn’t break on me, but it already feels like it can hold more on this already, plus theres room for it, Ikea don’t encourage me to fill it more, ok, talking to one self, haha..

What do you think? Do you have any wardrobe storage hacks of your own? Let me know.

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