Temporary:Secretary Jewellery Happiness

The Christmas just gone 2011, I bought my Mum lucky dip, goodie bag from Temporary:Secretary , which contained variety of jewellery. Yes I am fully aware this is super late, however if you follow my blog you would know I didn’t have laptop for some time, then I thought I lost the pictures, couldn’t find them, had like mini heart attack (dramatic I know) found them under a folder that I renamed and forgotten like donut, please tell me I am not the only one to do that?!

So finally here it is: Drum roll please!!!

Gold Doily Heart Necklace (I preferred this version to the original I took).
Star Earrings (done it in this effect, to make the earrings pop more).
Bird Necklace
Lady Bird Brooch (out of focus me sorry)
Bracelet And Ring Combo
Close up on the ring, and Mum’s beautiful manicure.
Mum’s idea, take pic of the variety of Temporary:Secretary jewellery together.

Mother (not wearing Temporary:Secretary tut tut)
Mum Review: Oh Lucy I do love it, very me. Pieces that you can wear with anything, for different occasions. Will be sporting the rings when it’s gets warmer, as it’s super cold and the gloves get in the way an everything. When I go out, always get compliments about it, where it’s from etc. Definitely thumbs up from the mother.
Now I need me some Temporary:Secretary items, so not cool when you mum is beating you in the trendy department haha.

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