Sparkling Jewellery- Jouellerie

I’m so late with this post, considering Christmas is just few days away, and I am someone who’s grateful to be gifted these beauties (not sponsored) and my partner went out his way to take these quality pics for me, as my hands wasn’t able to handle the DSLR, hopefully one day I am hoping to have light DSLR camera (that’s easier for me to handle, hold and still work with my shaky hands), as the DSLR camera technically is my partners but we mostly share it, now back onto the post who likes jewellery, costume jewellery, jewellery jewellery, I do!!!!

The jewellery are from Jouellerie.

Ok, so this has been featured on my blog before but in not so good of quality in outfit posts, here it is in better quality, this is Silver Classic Onyx Bracelet.

Pic above is Silver 5 Row Pave Bracelet.

Crown Earrings.

This is part of a set, which I didn’t know until looked at the card with all the info of different pieces of jewellery on it, as I was like excited kid opening the box, so yeah…

Silver Ice Set.

Rose Artemis Necklace.

I would say makes great Christmas present but by time you read this, not sure on their deliveries so if you get money for Christmas, buy it through that way, or just treat for yourself, doesn’t have to be for Christmas, just a gift.

I think sprinkled enough sparkle.

*All the jewellery was gifted, wasn’t sponsored.

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