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Outfit Of The Night- Mahalia Gig In East London

I know it’s become a habit of doing outfit pics on the go, it’s just with it getting dark so early or no light at all on some days, me getting ready last minute, always, doing them on the go just fits. This time we was on our way to Mahalia gig, done blog post all about it, click here.

So what did I wear. Yes put make up on, although I didn’t do my eyebrows good, which I wasn’t impressed about, nonetheless worked with it.

Yes it’s been LONG time since been in East London, too long. On my face is Smashbox photo finish luminizing foundation primer however just used it on its own, with bit of blusher. This was second time using it, liked the coverage it gave, I found it in my mini clear out, as it’s mini version so it’s easy to lose, but it was thanks to my friend giving me this. On my lips my trustee Mac ruby woo, turban- Ebay.

I know to beauty fanatics seeing your blemishes is a no no. Not many people know unless you’ve followed me for long time, I’ve had adult acne since my 20’s, sometimes my skin looks great, sometimes it looks average/below average sometimes however I’m not scared to share on here, hey I don’t have flawless skin.

Onto the outfit itself

Can you see the white linen at the bottom poking out, that’s my thermal leggings. Wore black pleather leggings, not worn in years, I’m surprised could fit into it, well just about got in it. Footwear: Vans, and I’m wearing upside down knee brace, I rushed, what can I say, oops. The knee brace was gifted to me by Calibre Support, the next thing you thinking why do I wear brace maybe, long story short I’ve fallen on that knee so many times due to falls/non epileptic seizures just give me little support that I need, as this brace bigger than my normal supports, can’t hide this one when wearing tight clothes. Not exactly showing the brace right when damn thing upside down, next time.

Wearing T-Shirt says Outlaw on it (old top) it’s been featured in my blog before, and no doubt be in it, again again. Ignore the sandwich in the pic, that’s not ours, didn’t know that was in shot, hey I’m not perfect blogger..

The practical things keep me warm, headphones help with noise cancellation (not mine, borrowed from my partner) and yes my trustee rucksack from Forever 21.

Hope you liked this post. Have you done outfit post, let me know in the comments, or just wanna share your trustee items, comment below.

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