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Outfit Of The Evening- Pub Dinner And Drinks

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile. I’ve been gone, I needed a break, spent couple weeks at my mum’s, lovely spending time with family, I purposely didn’t bring my laptop with me. This year has been busy for me, and it was the first time didn’t have anywhere to attend too. So it was much needed break, coming back home, I’ve been faced with challenges, stress, a lot of seizures, but also good things, so evening out with a friend was much needed thing at the weekend (last night) and it was the first evening out I’ve had this year, in terms of going out aka for a meal/drinks that’s not been my partner, and my birthday BBQ party I had at home was with family.

For me now, it’s about finding balance to have a social life again after it being so non existent for like forever. My life has been consumed with hospital appointments, being inpatient, therapy, having so many seizures it was impossible to even step outside. Not saying my health has changed and I’m suddenly pain free, NOPE, or my mental health is not problem anymore, NO. But even if I meet friend, or potential friend once a month, or so, that still be huge improvement.

Now onto my outfit:

Leaning on the wall for support.

Leggings: New Look, Top:Family member bought it, Boots: Shoes Store that’s now closed, Bumbag: Ebay.

Photobombed by Holly, as she kept coming in and out when my partner was taking the pics.

This was added afterwards, as realised my neck was bare.

My hair freshly washed and go, and make up.

Face: Photo Finish Luminizing by Smashbox, Blusher: Q-KI, Liquid Eyeliner: Make Up Gallery, Mascara: Fast Stroke Defining Lash by Collection, Lips: Heroine by Mac.

Where did I go, my friend took me to Ladywell Tavern (London), nice cool pub, later on her partner joined. Had drinks.


My meal (pic down below): Polenta, Red Onion & Lentil Burger, Brioche Bun, Halloumi, without Beetroot Jam, House Slaw, Onion Rings, Fries.

The food was real good, tasty. Cool pub, friendly staff.

Thankful for my partner for pushing me to go out, as he knew I needed this and my friend CJ for taking me out and spoiling me.


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