Outfit For Best Friend Baptism. Rocking My Afro

Let’s just say, yes I, Lucy went to social event, doesn’t happen often, however when I do, you will know about it, to be honest I share the ups and downs on my blog so I give you variety, ups the downs the in-betweens.

The weekend gone, I attended my best friend baptism, it was lovely to go to his confirmation day. Guess what, had chance to wear a dress, woooooo, the weather was great, so didn’t need jacket or anything.


Yes even had my legs out, wasn’t short, so still was modest, don’t worry.

My afro was out and proud, not often I wear my natural afro out, as often have it braided or tied back. The shrinkage is real, once hair is dry, making it seem way shorter than it actually is.

My eyes are real small, as the sunlight was hitting my face real hard, and wanted to take cute pics without my glasses.

This is very old DKNY bag, and think may of been gift (by friend/family).

It was set in beautiful old church, the pic above, showing you bit of the church, like I said beautiful church, kept admiring all the detail, you know me, art never leaves me, so like studying things with my eyes, take in the environment, there was so much more to the church, didn’t take pics of, as just enjoying my time there, plus sole reason was there, was for my friends baptism.  You had groups of kids, teenagers and adults from several churches all there to be baptised, the church was FULL, didn’t realise until we had to move around, as the congregation moved around the church through the service. Seeing all the proud families friends of each of the person being baptised was so sweet, there was a lot of love in the church. Guess what there was ramp to enter to the church, so had access, they also had disabled toilet, but I didn’t use it so can’t comment on the size etc. See old buildings can adapt too, take note, take note (even newer builds make excuses why they can’t have ramp, accessibility people, that’s enough on my soapbox)….

The man of the hour Micheal, but I call him Mikey, pic above. The pic is courtesy of Olga (his best friend, lovely lady) who took this pic, it was so busy, so didn’t even attempt to get pic especially in my wheelchair. His standing with his confirmation candle, which sadly couldn’t get close up with a pic (the detail on it, is on the other side), but it is such nice candle, one to treasure for sure. Fun fact I still have my candle from when I was christened as a baby, the oldest personal item I own. Can we take a moment on the fashions though, giving you baptised look with twist of his personality, brings it with the fashion, I love the effort he put into this outfit, if you know him he knows his fashion.

Wouldn’t be complete without pic of the two of us, aww…. A. I’m glad was able to attend. B I stayed through the whole service. As it was touch and go if I was able to make it, or maybe stay part way because of my health (chronic illnesses), I’m glad as meant was able to say hi to people not seen in long time and new faces (for me), mutual friends, his family. I did feel quite poorly afterwards, real bad headache, achey, more fatigue, close to seizure but thankfully not as made sure once home went to my bed to rest, but I knew the risks, once I was in the church, and saw the happiness on his face during the service, getting baptised and afterwards when he realised I made it, was there throughout how much it meant to him, was worth it all. So there you have it, in a dress, and me being sociable, like what, it does happen, haha, before you go so wasn’t there after thing, yes, but I bowed out, as reached my limit on what I could do that day, plus I was there for the main thing, he understood, and was cool with that, he understands.

You got the price of two for one with the outfits in this post, I’ve spoiled ya. Hope you liked it, let me know 😉

PS not mention where my stuff from as they are old pieces, gifted from family/friends, the dress is misguided just looked at the tag however this is old, and I bought my floral footwear is from Sports Direct, couple years ago now. And remember you can follow me on my social medias @loopysos on twitter and Instagram. x


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  1. I’m so happy you got to attend the baptism. Haha…2 for 1 fashion post. You’re correct. Also, I like the colored beads on your spokes. 🌼

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