New Hair. Outfit Of The Day.

It’s been long time since I been to the hairdressers, talking about pre Covid times, thankfully my hairdresser was like ‘I got you’ as it been a hot minute, I was worried she wouldn’t remember me, but she did. The following hair pics, partner took these once home.

Please ignore the grey hair, let’s pretend you don’t see it. Hairdresser washed, blow-dried my hair, done this style that I wanted, two cornrow braids with extensions giving it length.

Can we take a moment for the baby hairs…

Me grinning, as finally have hairstyle, because of my hands I’am so limited to what I can do, so it’s nice 🙂

This was taken when we went on our date, to see ‘Dune’ at the cinema, great film. Also this was my first time wearing make up in long time, like full face.

The rucksack is from ‘Flying Tiger Copenhagen’ bought it last year, the turtle neck jumper is from Primark everything else is very old.

A close up of my bag, can you name the badges (characters) that I have on my bag?!
PS- I realise my make up isn’t on point, A. have shaky hands. B. It’s been a long time.

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