My Plaid Day Out (Outfit)

Here we are again, this time we stepped it up a gear, with the outfit post. Had my partner  use his Nikon DSLR to take outfit pics. With the busy year I’ve had so far not all great sadly, using the DSLR has taken back seat unfortunately, that and it’s been in storage. And when I’m in my local town, seeing great street art does make me want to pick the camera up, or see things that would make good picture, and I enjoyed doing the project from my wheelchair viewpoint last year, it’s worth checking out, click here, had some lovely feedback from that, so that’s something I want to bring back, anywho onto the outfit.


Every item I’m wearing is old clothes, funny enough the plaid shirt was 50p from either car boot sale or school fare, my Mum was like saw this, thought you like it, BARGAIN, and after years of having it, still going strong. My shoes bought for a bargain too, I think from shop closing down. On my lips: Maybelline New York, vivid matte liquid, in shade Rebel Red, present from my close friend. Oh and the purse, that was birthday present this year, Ted Baker purse, forgot to take off the plastic sealing off the edges, oops, (on sale) from Selfridges.

I love this outfit, as A, it’s comfortable, B, hides the food belly, C, I really digged this look. As you not over dressed, or under dressed, so it’s middle ground type attire. As I type this, I’m in my garden enjoying the little sun we get, haha. Before anyone goes wait up, where’s the wheelchair, or crutches, the wheelchair was nearby, and if you notice, I’m leaning on the wall for support, and yes looking at those pics, don’t look disabled, but I am, I just fancied taking pics with the outfit standing up, but don’t worry I will continue to do outfit posts when I can (in either or wheelchair, crutch, walking aid, or leaning on something) want to show fashion in my way, and how my body allows it.

Hope you like this outfit post, sadly I’m not looking this cute right now, haha, let me know what you think to this outfit post 🙂 Comment it will make my day x

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