Dua Lipa Concert Outfit

Before I get onto my outfit post, just update to my previous post incase you missed it click here since then, the job has been completed thankfully by lovely professional builder, flusher, and the supervisor (not the same barge in guy, thankfully) to monitor, the builder asked me each time, if I was satisfied with the job, done more than what was listed, flusher found hazard that been living with since moved in, which was corrected. So I’m glad it ended in positive note. Also since then I have got apology from Clairglow and have acknowledged my complaints.

Now onto my outfit post, on Monday 6th November 2017 we went to Dua Lipa concert at Brixton O2 academy. The hassle to get there, I shall leave for separate post. It was my first time using my wheelchair cozy that I bought from Amazon, so that’s what the thing you see on my wheelchair.

Rucksack Forever 21, adidas top, everything else is old I’m afraid, yes fake Chanel studs, I ain’t got money like that.

Sorry didn’t get more quality pics, had very limited time to take pics on the train, and everywhere else was too dark. Like I said there was drama getting there. Excuse the fluff on my jeans, my partner (yes dragged him along with me) failed to tell me there was fluff there, to be fair it was all a rush.

Oh did I enjoy the actual concert, singing along, fist pumping the air, and having the album I’ve been listening too on repeat live, yes I’m surprised didn’t lose my voice. I will say it was different experience for me, as last time I went to Brixtion O2 academy I wasn’t chronically ill, this was many moons ago, I will touch on that in separate post.

Are you fan of Dua Lipa, may of seen her live too, any plans to see anyone live, or just have? let me know.

PS I paid for my concert ticket, only thing didn’t was concession ticket.




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