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Disabled London Day Trip Outfit

Having to be practical, comfortable is important for day out for me. Funny enough this was day I had hospital appointment in Central London which is trek for me, as live on the other side of London from the location, and my partner decided to make a day out of it, turn it into uplifting trip instead of it just being about hospital. Anyone who uses wheelchair, heck anyone that suffers with chronic pains certain clothing items can be a no no at times. Warning you’ll see pic of me just being Loopy, having fun, hey….







The jacket: from McLaren, borrowed it from my partner, his massive McLaren fan, loves his Formula 1, it’s comfortable, keeps me warm, does the job for me in this up and down weather. Honestly I didn’t mean my nail polish to match the bag, unintentional. On my nails: Rimmel London shade green with envy, Polka satchel it was steal from WHSmith got it at such great bargain, been wanting satchel bag for years now, finally have one and I love it, really gave pop of colour to my outfit, and the top wearing, is old merch from Toddrick Hall bought it from his show couple years ago now, when he performed in Leicester Square, London, it was fab. I love the illustration of him on the top.

What I liked about doing these pics, was the location, was surrounded by lovely book shops, collectable items, may of noticed my background, my partner came up with the idea.

Remember it’s ok to be rocking old with new, let’s take moment for this new satchel (well I’ve had it for couple months now, just not used it yet), however we not all rolling round in new clothes each season, heck even a year, and I want people to know it’s fine, just rock what you have, add in new pieces when you can or if you don’t want too, that’s cool as well. You know the funny thing, I was worried for a minute with this outfit I was coming off too boyish, then I thought who cares, let’s rock it.

Anyone else feels like they look too boyish, or girly at times? Don’t leave me hanging..

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