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Mustard dress: from birthday present from my sister this year, leggings: old, shoes: Primark (couple years ago), bag: vintage shop, only £1, scarf: this was given to me when I was inpatient at hospital, gifted to me from lady who was in same ward as me, after many years still with me, wherever that lady is hope she is doing ok (as sadly we lost contact), socks: Tiger, Disney (very old), nails: Revlon, matte, shade Ruby Ribbon.

This was special occasion as my partner and I was celebrating our anniversary couple weeks ago, so made an effort to look nice, sorry I’m not doing modelling poses but best I had at the time, as I was super hungry and achey. As it’s cold, had to make sure my legs was covered, why not team it up with subtle flowery pattern leggings.

Update with the cinema, contacted VUE if you have no idea what I’m on about, it’s in my previous blog post click here for more understanding. VUE cinema has since apologised, as did make me feel crap, so I’m glad took notice and investigated.

Please don’t forget to click on my Gofundme, have logo on the sidebar can click on as well, donate a penny, a pound, any tribute be great, bring me closer to my goal in buying a new wheelchair. Thank you x

Also because of the time of this blog post coming out, just want to send love to my cousins, and my Dad, as my Uncle passed away.

R.I.P Uncle Clinton, don’t worry we keep the cheeky grin going 😉 xx

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