You must be wondering why are there pics of bras, what’s going on. Well lately reality shows, even YouTubers boobs, uplifted boobs, fake boobs. Guess what I was one those people who wanted surgery when I was younger, if you follow my blog you know I recently moved, that meant going through a lot of stuff I’ve gathered over the many years, don’t ask why I still had old bras. Yes I was part of the tiny boob club, and now I’m part of the big boobs club, ask my family I wanted surgery when I was younger. Then out of nowhere my boobs grew in my twenties, from AA cup to C cup I thought wow, yes I’m loving this, then my boobs didn’t stop growing, no word of a lie. It was like my prayers was answered I have big boobs. But I didn’t know come with a price, all those cute bras I like, suddenly I couldn’t get, that lingerie shop you like doesn’t stock your size, and even sports bra ha, you suddenly realise your options are limited, when it comes to bras I like buying them from the shop, so I know it fits, never bothered with online shop, yes I know theres ones out there, but once again don’t get to test it out, see how it feels on me first. If I didn’t have saggy boobs you honestly would of thought I had boob job. The frustration I have now is finding bloody bras, affordable and in my tight budget. Sales sales sales Debenhams, Marks And Spencer’s are my go too. Why is it so bloody expensive for extra bit of material, I think the reason why I feel bit deflated is because my recent shop, was disaster couldn’t find bras anywhere in my size in my local town, the ones I saw couldn’t afford that was one of my go too stores as well. Trying on bralets I looked damn fool, it did knock my confidence like I can’t look cute, noticing gravity has taken it’s course now, even with big boobs was lucky wasn’t saggy until hit my 30’s notice the drop. I am curious in this day in age why there isn’t more options for big busted women in shops, why is it so damn expensive for decent big busted bra when you do find one, lack of selections as suppose to B cup bra. Having lived with small, medium and big, makes me wonder what size was I happiest at. And by no means do I dislike my boobs, just looking at my old bra to now where you can fit head in it, I never thought my boobs would grow so much at later stage like that to this extent. Before I end this post, don’t want you thinking I dislike small boobs, that they are disgusting, as I think females look great whatever their size of their boobs are, ย it was just my personal preference, and friend told me it’s a shame there wasn’t technique you was doing to get them bigger naturally, as you could of marketed that, I’m like I know, I wished, I think God got tired of me asking and went bam here you go, shut up don’t complain, but wish gave me the small print like shopping will become harder for starters, how was I meant to know. Here’s two melons, that also makes good cushion for my dog and partner, I said my dog first as she loves sleeping on me, and my partner second as he always makes joke that they could be a pillow. Sorry if this was a TMI blog post, restricted audience not for the guys, but I just fancied talking about boobs, why not, this is lifestyle blog after all, no holds barred. A trip down memory lane for me.

Ladies do you love your bust size?

PS If you wondering what bra size I am, it’s rude to ask a lady her bra size. ๐Ÿ˜›


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