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All About The Pattern. Outfit Of The Day

Coat: TK Maxx, lovely bird pattern shirt: TK Maxx (picked and bought from the boyfriend, my birthday last year), jeans: Sports Direct, panda gloves: Primark, Babycham Boots, scarf gift from abroad, Love studs: Temporary Secretary online shop, Hello Kitty watch Christmas gift, on my nails: Seventeen Lasting Fix Colour Pink Grapefruit shade. 
Hello all, this is kind of fitting at the moment, it being fashion week, but I actually intended to blog this sooner however once again was rushed to hospital last week, collapse when I went to corner shop, bless 3 guys came to my rescue the paramedics told me. Anyway suffered with concussion, with the added joys of tonsillitis and a cold at the time. But as I can breathe, have my voice back, slowly back to my usual ill self. 
What do you think of my bird shirt, do you love it as much as me? 
I love the colour of my jeans also has smooth touch, can’t resist touching my legs like a loon. Right well enough of me babbling on, hope you have lovely weekend, and to my UK peeps stay safe, crazy floods Gale force winds. Prayers to those who are effected.x

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