All About The Mahalia Hoodie- Outfit Of The Day

It’s been long time since used the DSLR camera for outfit post, thanks to my partner for taking the pics, he actually likes the pics, as his hard critic on himself like most of us, never pleased. I’ve been wanting to do this outfit post for so long as features a hoodie (technically my partners but hey more mine haha) I bought ages ago from Mahalia gig at Omeara, London, I blogged about that gig click here.

I know I look like moody cow, my partner failed to tell me to smile, as we had limited daylight when we took these pics. The thermal leggings or just normal thick leggings (can’t remember, brain fog sorry) from Primark (it’s cold outside).

Right I don’t have steady hands, so doing eyeliner is like a gamble, and when you don’t wear it everyday, it’s not part of my routine like that, makes me rubbish at eyeliner, didn’t use to be like that, was actually decent at that before had shaky hands. The eyeliner- Make Up Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner (from Poundland).

The earrings was 50p from car boot sale, they was brand new, the stall was offloading their festival stock as it was end of festival season for them. I love them.

Excuse the dog hair, if you have pets you will know. I love what’s written on the hoodie, I’ve not bought merch from anyone in real hot minute, so you special lady Mahalia 😉

These are singles from Mahalia, ‘No Reply’ and ‘No Pressure’ which is over on her Youtube, check them out. Real talk I could relate to them songs, and I know many others can. Oh yes I am wearing Hello Kitty ring, it’s old ring (if you long time reader, you will know I love Hello Kitty).

Excuse the wonky eyeliner once again, trying to be cute and I failed, oops, I am no model haha…

I had to buy badges, ‘Sober’ is single of hers, if not heard where you been, I am bias as I am fan, get into it.

These are my mega old babycham boots, still going strong, so it ain’t going nowhere, unless it gets completely ruined of course.

Holly decided to join in the little photoshoot well me looking semi moody in pics, lol. So she added in the cuteness that was needed in this. Giving you model look that’s needed as well, getting overshadowed by my own dog…

Oh the Nike knee brace from Sports Direct. Wouldn’t be Holly if she’s not needing fuss.

I know Mahalia touring, she’s also got headline tour, I truly want to go but truthfully don’t have anyone to go with, if I could go alone I would, but I cannot be out alone due to my seizures etc. So who knows, I would love to see her live again.

PS – I am wheelchair user, and I use walking aid.

One thought on “All About The Mahalia Hoodie- Outfit Of The Day

  1. Lovely outfit and photos. I like the use of depth of field. I’m going to take a look at Mahalia on YouTube. Holly, I love your sweet facial expression, looking up at mom. Beautiful photos of a beautiful lady. So proud to be your friend, thank you for making it noted that you’re a wheelchair user who also uses a walking aid. I would like more people to be aware that a wheelchair user who can stand is not faking their need for a wheelchair. Great blog post.❤️

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