Afternoon Tea And Outfit For The Outing.

Couple weeks ago it was my sisters birthday, and we made weekend of it. All us ladies in the family spent the weekend (night over at the birthday lady’s home) together, Mum, my niece, and my eldest sister, obviously the birthday lady herself.

We had afternoon tea.

Cafe Rouge in West Dulwich. Yes that’s my family in the pic- busy.

The Platter


Had vegetarian platter for me, it was divine. The cakes we had to take away, as we was full after the savoury food, I can vouch the desserts was delicious too.

Yes I devoured the scones, I do love me bit of afternoon tea, my sister had Groupen deal. It was lovely afternoon.

In the evening back at my sisters, for dinner had Indian takeaway- Had tasty Korma, steamed rice, bombay potatoes, peshwari nan and papadums.

My look for our day out.

I was rocking my natural fro.

Funny story I brought my green tights with me, however picked off loose thread caused hole, that just got bigger and bigger, I couldn’t hide it, as was too far down my dress wouldn’t cover it, plus didn’t look like those cool ripped tights just looked stupid, after years of owning them, sad day had to throw them away, so my Mum let me wear her spare trousers and it happened to match the dress, so it was win win. Phew, so my legs wasn’t cold. Also how fab are the boots also matched my outfit, once again my mum was like I have these boots that will go, so… My mum saved the day/outfit.

I know wait it’s not in colour, I just preferred this edit, don’t know why. I like this pic, as we both wasn’t aware of the photo being taken, so it was just natural moment of us chatting and looking at the phone, me with the birthday lady (just remember this was couple weeks ago, no longer birthday lady now, haha) aka my sister – Georgia. This was when we was in Brixton, after Cafe Rouge we stopped by Brixton, took quick look at POP Brixton, bit of the market, also made quick stop at off licence for some drink as we chilled at my sisters, chatting the night away, Georgia made nice brunch on Sunday before we all went home, as the rest of them live in Northamptonshire, so wanted to make sure got home in good time.

Anyone else had afternoon tea at Cafe Rouge? Or had afternoon tea somewhere recently, let me know. x


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