Tough Time

I know I don’t have big following or anything on here or twitter etc. However I wanted to share this, as my blog is representation of me, recently I’ve been having unexplained collapses/pass out/black outs, and it feels my fibro has taken big hit. Even typing this taking effort and concentration, as I’ve had constant migraine since I collapsed outside, where bunch of strangers had to help me and call for help, the picture above is when I got rushed to hospital.

Since then I’ve sadly had more falls etc. Resulting in more pain on top of normal fibro pains. I am not writing this for sympathy, but more for the reason to explain why I don’t talk as much online, or why i’m MIA for periods of times, as you should know I like to chat by now. So not blanking any body, my words may come out funny, as my head is cloudy, and if somebody told me the sky is yellow I would believe them, that’s how foggy my brain is at times.

Thank you to those who have asked me how I am, the support my loved ones have shown <3

Will try to keep you updated.

Hope you are well, looking after yourselves. Let me know what you been up to?!

5 thoughts on “Tough Time

  1. I hope you get some answers and feel better soon. That hospital gown is far more flattering on you than it was on me. (Urgh, they actually forced the paper knickers on me this time. *cries* )

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