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Hyper Japan Festival. And Outfit Of The Day For It.

For years I’ve been wanting to go, ever since came across it, but the fear of crowds and not being well enough to go played huge part of not going, I’m not saying I am better just I’m more aware of my seizures and can notify if I’m feeling extra off (yes still get the ones with no warnings but you get my drift), my anxiety, this has been goal of mine to go to conventions, and when I asked my niece who’s into similar things than me, who has already posted her experience of the day over at her blog click here, said yes it was marked in the calendar. Hyper Japan was held in Kensington Olympia, London, we attended on Saturday 13th July 2019, we met at the location ( as we live far apart).

Yes I have pink eyebrows that’s not the filter.

Our wristbands, before anyone gets confused my tattoo says Journey ( I wanted done joint handwriting way, cannot remember the font as it’s old tattoo).

The venue….

Like WOW.

A lot more bigger than I was expected it to be, it being our first time going, I didn’t realise the scale of it, full of Japanese culture and mix of Korean in there. Sure was very busy. Just from arrival I saw cosplay, beautiful outfits, kawaii style outfits etc. It felt like stepped into vibrant fun playful creative space, where you could just be yourself without judgement, dodgy looks. There was games, anime, kawaii, art, fashion, culture, music, (I could be missing some, sorry If I am), snacks, food stalls, drinks, and food and drink tasters that Louise and I enjoyed the ones we could get too, thankfully for me there was plenty of Vegetarian and vegan food tasters- yay 🙂


Yes we enjoyed the alcohol there, as well as Matcha Green Tea which was good ( I love matcha green tea, funny enough my partner got me into it, and now I’m addicted to it), I tried a matcha muffin omg it was delicousssss. The food was GOOD give me all of it, the way veggie/vegan food made with flavour and this is one of the problems I have with veggie food it can lack flavour at times (not all brands etc), I cannot wait until the food we tried are in supermarkets (some might be, don’t quote me on that as there was a lot of stalls), so I can get my life- living my best veggie life haha.

Meeting people.

He was such lovely guy, funny too, he volunteered to take pics of my niece and I, and of course I wanted to take pic with him.

We both loved her look, she looked amazing, so creative, makes her own things, has her own YouTube Channel called Ayesha Sha Sha.

The stage, we forgot to take pics of the live act, so here’s it at closing time, oops, haha.


I be doing separate one for my haul.

Of course we took pics together at various places in Hyper Japan.

Now onto the outfit:

I’ve taken the braids out, not relaxed my hair don’t worry, it’s been blow-dried and pressed (by hairdresser), however due to the humidity my hair has simply puffed out. I used eyeshadow on my eyebrows, my shirt was from Debenhams on sale, Minnie Mouse bag from Primark, Hello Kitty wide leg trousers on sale from Asos (got there before it sold out in my size), side note I got a lot of compliments on the trousers which was mega nice, and I was wearing Hello Kitty converse. Rainbow shellac nails, knee brace support under my trousers, the rose ring is very old, bracelet from charity shop.

Overall it was fab, so glad I was able to go with my niece, and next time dressing up we’ve agreed, and do check it out yourself when the next Hyper Japan takes place.

In my zen space, even with people around, getting ready to close up, I felt proud that I done this, attended after years wishing, and hoping, of course I paid for it moment I left got home, my body mega achy still is, but sometimes worth the pain and this was worth it.

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