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Steve’s Leaves Salad

Sorry about the fuzziness, bad blogger..

Recently I got a chance to review some salad leaves, as someone who normally buys the plain salad-in-a-bag this seemed like a decent opportunity to compare and contrast as these weren’t your usual nondescript washed rocket these were Steve’s Leaves; a UK domestically produced and freshly farmed salad (amongst other products). The bags that arrived were Fennel Tops & Sweet Leaves, the bags were brightly and clearly labelled and are described as “a totally herbaceous mix of fennel tops and some of our favourite sweet leaves, namely: baby spinach, baby green batavia and baby chard.”
The meal with which I had the salad was a pan fried steak and blue cheese, it went surprisingly well together especially with the mint honey dressing. The baby spinach, chard and green batavia had a lovely crunch and sweet taste, the fennel tops had a very slight bitter taste that was a perfect mix for the spinach and made the meal delicious. After this it does seem quite hard to go back to regular store bought salad bags now.

Steve’s Leaves website click here.

PS- Have to give credit to Mark (my boyfriend) who wrote this review on my behalf.

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