New Wheels.. Red Coat


Wait, what, you girl has new wheels, yes!!!!

Through a lot of research, and looking through various websites, as let’s be honest theres not much advice out there for someone who doesn’t solely use a wheelchair, use crutch for short distances, and wheelchair for longer distances. It’s not like get advice from anywhere, I chosen to have wheelchair so can have better safe life, although I get questioned it all the time, so why the wheelchair, why the crutch, clearly because I need it, wouldn’t be using it as a prop, I don’t mind being asked what’s my illness but so often I get interviewed, assuming I’ve had accident, not that could possibly naturally have an illness, that’s even with doctors, trust me get it everywhere.

Onto the new wheelchair, and how did I find it. Like I said above searched a lot, this isn’t a plug, sponsorship, nothing given to me for free. However this website stood out for me, not only do they have live chat on their website Careco, you can call them up for advice, this was huge help, a blessing, being completely lost, confused on which wheelchair suited me, also keeping within a budget, they gave advice, spoke to them about my requirements, the environment I live in, as a lot of cracks in pavements, steep pavements, the problem with previous wheelchair I felt all the bumps, I had to have cushions just so felt it a little less. With this one guess what, don’t feel the bumps like I use too. On the first day in it, felt so sick, dizzy as been so long since been in one, being in the shops with my partner I was yeah, not great. But second time out felt ok, got better, wasn’t feeling sick. Now it’s fine.

I didn’t plan this red wheelchair and red coat, it is my favourite colour. This coat I got from Debenhams, my partner’s parents bought me this winter coat for Christmas. Had plans to do outfit posts, but life just been crazy.

Some of you may know I set up Gofundme page, to raise money for new wheelchair, and can I say without generosity, support this couldn’t of happened. Truly thankful.

Special thanks to:

Susan Davis

Ellie Granata

Jananne Salmon

Helen G

Lorraine Watson

Janine Haggis

Zebra Mustafa

Rose Elliott

Vivien Jean-Paul

To everyone who retweeted, shared my link etc, that never went unnoticed, you all know who you are, without fail, always had my back.

Even though didn’t reach my goal completely via gofundme gave me great platform, and for that I am grateful.


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