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Day Date- Outfit Of The day

Finally doing outfit post, how long has it been, too long. Far too long. As I type this, I am currently in hospital, no surgery or anything like that, I be doing separate blog post about that, but don’t be alarmed I’m ok. Sorry limited details on the clothes, as the trousers was from TK MAXX years ago, my top was Christmas present couple years ago, my hello kitty brooch got many moons ago, the other custome jewellery I am wearing gifts from sister, partner, and friend. I know not the ideal outfit post when it’s not in shops anymore, as you can tell I am out of the loop of fashion blogging, haha. I wanted to capture this moment because actually had make up on, and I was feeling my look, truly honest, we all mates here. It’s rare thing for me to have full face, my full face make up doesn’t consist of foundation, highlighter, I’m more basic, bronzer, blusher, eyebrows, mascara and eyeshadow. That’s even more rare foundation, I am more your mascara lipstick, oh eyebrows too, not always, type of girl on average. Then you see back to back of pics of me fully glam, wondering I thought she said she doesn’t do that, well right now I am not, I assure you. 

May of noticed my hair, it’s grown, that be separate blog post all about my update since the big chop. For now let’s get back to the outfit, and until posted it up, see it on my screen, didn’t realise there was so much boob cleavage going on, if (real not fake) saggy boobs offend you sorry but not sorry. Enjoyed day out in Central London, and got my poor partner to find location where it was actually quiet, I know impossible right on nice day (weather wise) on a Saturday. 

Go me for actually doing outfit post, I know you guys missed my face, how can you not? Joking not joking not….

2 thoughts on “Day Date- Outfit Of The day

  1. You look gorgeous! I love the trousers. I’m on the hunt for similar ones, but I’ve yet to find a pattern and colour combination that I love. I really like that you aren’t sporting the latest pieces. Who has the money to constantly buy clothes!?! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Aww thank you, I think we see our big bloggers youtubers always shopping, or gifted and there’s whole world of us that are either A. On benefits, B low income, C students etc.. So I think it’s good to have variety from all spectrums, that’s not me dissing the ones has disposable income for that, as I watch, read whoever. Long winded answer, me all over lol. Xx

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