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Birthday Outfit Of The Day/Night

It was my birthday on the 20th July, I turned 21 again, ok maybe not, as that’s a far fetch, more like 32. Have been told recently I look 35 which I thought, cheers, actually said older at first, have had older sometimes, some guess right, some guess younger, so can’t really say oh yes I look young for my age, if go by some public views. Anywho as it was my birthday, made an effort with my face, make up, kept my outfit casual as knew be out for the day which turned into evening which turned into late late night, all will be revealed more in my highlight birthday blog post soon (nothing crazy before you think it was wild, haha). So I needed to be comfortable. You may of seen this pic already on my instagram, be sure to follow (in my side bar).


Gave me excuse to do eye make up, as I like doing my eyeshadow.


I love the disabled toilet in Hamleys, made me feel like part of a set in Disney, inner child of me loved it. Made me wish more disabled toilets were more exciting, more buzz, interior. This has gone my disabled toilets I like list, I have couple on there already on my list.


It wouldn’t be outfit without Hello Kitty, here it’s in form of hair band. My Betsey studs had for years that was gift from family/friend. My rosey cheeks it’s MUA blusher.


Bangle limited addition ‘Tree Of Life’ I bought it from Warren James, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments, almost wish I was getting commission on it, ha. This was present to myself for going to neuro rehab for 4 weeks, bought it just before went in, it holds big meanings behind it, not only that, was my comforter while in hospital, that be separate blog post as connected with anxiety and my functional neurological disorder. My beads, featured on my blog before (partner bought it from buddha), costume jewellery sparkly bracelet, sticky wraps on my nails (from penpal years ago) and of course my engagement ring (yes I don’t speak about it on here, nor my social media, we have been for years, please don’t ask questions about it, as I am private about it, my family can vouch for that, so no asking the dates, but it will happen).


The leggings are old, my juicy couture bag is very old, the footwear is Vans bought as birthday present from my partners parents last year or the year before I think.


Meet the Sylvanian Families, yes I’m part of it, thanks to my partner taking the pics, suggesting this spot, because he thought the pic would look cute, which I’m glad he did. I LOVEEEEE the Sylvanian Families, (may have little collection, just small one, what, don’t judge me) I’m just waiting for invite by them any day now. I’m here 🙂

The rest of the outfit old Calvin Klein hoodie, kimono dress charity shop, top H&M sale. There you have it my birthday outfit. Hope you like my chatty blog posts, I am trying, if you knew trying to type through my FND symptoms, one of them having your hands shake trying to control it, well the best you can, as did want to blog last week, but just couldn’t physically do it. I’m not telling you this, to feel sorry for me, example I have to take breaks, as my body could violently jerk, causing damage to the laptop which is big no no. Sorry lost train of thought, that comes with all my illnesses haha, unfortunately.

One year older, one year wiser I hope 🙂

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