Dear Open Diary

In these last couple of months life has thrown me back and not in good way. I had plans on doing certain things however couldn’t due to my unpredictable health. Even now I find myself feeling left out as I just don’t have the energy and I still have underlining health issues that seems to be still a mystery besides my fibro etc obviously. I even find myself more awkward as I feel like I don’t have much to contribute to a conversation. Might not be going on holiday every minute heck not been on one for years now, or go to festivals/gigs etc.. However I have good heart and like to think I’m there if you need me.
The point is as upsetting as it is to miss out on social gatherings (friends/bloggers meet up/events) it’s something out of my hands, but I will say this don’t forget sick people like to have fun too you know. I won’t lie I do find myself getting upset, just simple thing like a hug would of helped me somewhat but you know just get on with it. 
Reason I picked this photo is because the sky is something I always look at, spend periods of time just looking at the sky, also I felt content when I took this picture, snapshot of a memory I like to look back on. Oh by the way this picture hasn’t been photoshopped or anything, naturally turned out like this, beautiful isn’t it.
Sorry if there wasn’t a beginning, middle and an end properly, and that’s all other the place, I am bit of a scatter brain, however I just wanted to express myself hence the title dear open diary, as I am sharing with you. How many others feel the same? or perhaps you always working so you miss out on things? Or you live to far from everything and can’t get to places…..
Would love to hear from others/you, and if you offering a hug I’ll take it, much appreciated 😉 

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