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The ID Band Company: Wristband Review

 This is very much needed item for me, as I am somebody who regularly collapses and so many times when I am passed out and I cannot talk, or when I can talk it’s slurry. Important information like being allergic to certain medication which I am, which is very risky and life threatening. With this wristband you are able to have important details like the medication you are on, emergency contact, allergies, list of your illnesses.

I never heard of medical wristband like this until friends of mine told me, you would of think I would of been told this by doctors, the amount times I been in hospital lately from the collapses. So this is very little handy thing for me, and it’s waterproof absolute beauty for me, and I can say that is, as I’ve been wearing it everyday since I got it which has been good couple of weeks now.

Only down side for me which is my fault, I forgot I’m little fatty so I should of ordered medium as I don’t have my little wrists any more boo. So it irritates my skin a little, but once I have the right size it be all gravy (for my non UK readers that means it be all good).

When you go on the website of The ID Band Company click here you see they have wide variety of wristbands, bracelets, even watches that can contain important information, and more, so you defiantly not spoilt for choice, they cater for children and adults. So if you somebody who’s allergic to nuts for example this could be something for you, or if you have a condition etc. The prices do range, delivery is good.

Side note: Once I do get new camera, whenever that be, I promise you my pictures will improve. Just at the moment it’s very difficult to take the quality pics I want, when my current camera is just not doing it, I think my small little baby is slowly dying on me. So I have to use my phone instead.

PS- This item was sent me, but as you can see I am somebody who very much needed this item regardless if it was sent to me or not. 100% my views!

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