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Through My Eyes- Skegness Funday

Here I am, so not being good blogger lately I just keep getting unwell (more than my usual rubbish self), yes every time it seems I’m on the mends from something there goes something else. I went Skegness with my family end of July 2018, I know super late blogging about this. To be honest wasn’t sure if was going to blog this, as I know the pictures isn’t perfect, it was such windy day and I just got caught up with enjoying the day, forgot about angles etc. If you new reader- Through My Eyes, is when take pics from my wheelchair viewpoint, if want to check out previous one click here.

Right off the back, from the car park you see this, well where we was parked (pic above).

You know when you are at the seaside, classic pier things.

At this time frame, it was lovely sunny, warm when the wind was blowing like crazy. Had lovely slushie rum and strawberry, yes you heard right, it was delicious.

Arcade time.

Funfair, the ghost ride was piss poor we went on it, yeah it was real bad…..

It was that time, cannot go to the beach without eating Fish’n’Chips, however being veggie just had chips with a lot salt and vinegar.

Yes it was one of my favourites, fish and chips. However I love chips, I know not the healthiest thing, but at least can still enjoy that (yes I know there’s alternatives, other side dishes to equal a meal, which I do when at home ordering takeout).

When the weather wasn’t so great.

End of the day… Empty beach, cleaning time.

You can see the sunlight battling with the clouds.

Wave goodbye to Skeggy. You can see the rainbow, which won’t lie made the pic more better (in my opinion).

And this is what I won at the arcade, through the penny machine, I was so made up when I won this, my favourite girl Hello Kitty πŸ™‚ this pic was taken later on, not from wheelchair viewpoint, sorry this isn’t through my eyes, however wanted to show what I won.

On that note, takes me to end of funday at the coast with my family, arcade games, funfair, bit of food, yes did get donuts, that’s always must too.

Have you had any funday’s recently?let me know πŸ˜‰

One thought on “Through My Eyes- Skegness Funday

  1. Sounds like a nice day, a little treat. Pretty rainbow. I can’t believe you won Hello Kitty!β€οΈπŸ’™

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