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Through My Eyes. Monday Funday

It’s been awhile, through my eyes edition, basically me taking photos at my height in the wheelchair. This is how we spent our Bank Holiday Monday (UK), the sun was out, so took advantage of the lovely weather. Went to local kinda park.

Just like everyone else who thought it be good plan. We picked our spot. Time to eat 🙂

Partner made sure I had nice yummy vegetarian stuff to eat. Oh yeah something that people don’t know about me, pretty much only partner, best friend knows. I’ve not eaten meat, nor fish for 3 months. Before you ask I’m not going vegan love cheese and egg too much, sorry.

Big meat eater like me, what happened, is it for diet reasons, allergies, on animal campaign, nope none of those reasons, simply just stopped having the desire to eat meat, I stopped craving it, needing it to fulfil my belly. Nothing made me switch, influenced by nothing, my body just said no. Trust me I’m surrounded by meat eaters. Is it permanent, right now, I’m happy with the choice, don’t wanna pressure myself, just let it be organic.

Yes Cherry is my favourite Coca Cola.

Holly ‘Mum just give me some food already’.

Relax, and enjoy the views.

It’s nice to take time out.

Time to leave.

You may of noticed, it’s later on the day, as the shadow has become bigger.


Did you do anything for bank holiday for my UK readers? Theres another one later this month, any plans for that one….

One thought on “Through My Eyes. Monday Funday

  1. Great photos in this “Through My Eyes” edition. Gorgeous greenery, I love it. Holly looks cute and sweet, as usual. What a lovely day for the three of you.🐾

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