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Day Out: Surrey County Show/Dog Festival


A classic bank holiday weekend involves bit of family time, well in my case my partner and the pets. Something we like going too, where we could actually bring the dog with us, however having a dog that likes going at full speed, barking at other dogs at the dog show, yes totally embarrassing. But Holly did get a lot of attention, due to on/off light rain Β it was hard take more pics as I was busy trying to not get my hair wet. Also wasn’t feeling well, so I actually surprised myself being out despite the huge pain I was in, the determination to enjoy the day took over, but as soon as we got in, hot water bottle, rest. Now back to the actual day, what is Surrey County Show, it’s two days at Lloyds Park (Croydon), we went on Monday (29th May), there is a entry fee, as I am disabled paid slightly less, and my partner went free as my carer. It was thanks to leaflet posting through my door. It involves Surrey Farm animals, tasty food stalls, homemade goods, dog stalls, dance show, stunt shows, kids area to play magic shows with dogs, dog competitions, reptile display, information on adopting/fostering dog, as well as helper dogs. I enjoyed it as it’s great seeing many different breeds of dogs in one place, it’s just nice community family feel to it. Seeing the performances, of course getting to pet the the animals as who doesn’t like that, come on. And food, plenty of it, sampling different foods, as well as buying, we ate good that day, which spread out onto next couple of days. Sorry didn’t do food haul, as one or two things got squashed on the journey home, oops. Yes that warm fresh donut you see in the pic, went down a treat πŸ˜‰

This was our second time going, as we went last year, so it already feels likes a tradition of ours, even if Holly likes to get fussed by EVERYONE and follow them when they leave, yes. Needless to say I wasn’t the only one exhausted after the day out, the dog was laid out when home, partner exhausted after pushing me about, and Holly pulling everywhere. It was lovely family day out, and hope to go again next year.



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