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Coming Or Going

My presence online hasn’t been much as normal, can’t say my life has been crazy hectic that’s why, however just been ill a lot recently with other things, nothing life threatening don’t worry, no “don’t cry for me Argentina” moments. And if I’m honest my mood is like don’t know if I am coming or going. My confidence as whole, self doubting myself hugely, but at the same time still determined, strange, right. I started this blog as wanted outlet for myself, somewhere I could escape, distraction and to put forward portfolio of me. I’ve been hesitate to blog because feel myself prejudging so much, instead of just letting it be. As they say we are our biggest critic. I needed to do this blog post as it’s cathartic, yes my confidence is low, but it’s working progress, however still don’t take for granted the support I have, as too many times we see the perfect imagery of people’s lives, with me I want to be open, whether it’s me in my hospital gown, having a moan, or celebrating the good times, for me I want to be diverse.

The picture above taken when I was in Folkstone, just how my mood is the tide coming in and out, symbolises the mood, also the beauty of the sea, seeing beauty within yourself, wow, deep, not taken my antibiotics yet so I’m not trippy, haha.

Hows your mood?

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