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Pure Tea

Tea glorious tea oh how I love you so. I had the great opportunity to review this fine herbal tea brand, they’re a small business, I got to learn about the company via twitter, how it all started and how they were inspired to start this business, as I am a nosey person I like to know things, can’t help it.

Sorry for the fuzziness, taken with my phone before bedtime.

Three different types of tea:
Black Lavender: I drank just before I went to sleep, as I often have trouble sleeping and a hot drink tends to help me relax. I was scared I wasn’t going to like it out of the three, however surprisingly, I liked it. The instant lavender aroma made me feel calm.

Natural Mint: I am lover of peppermint tea, that was my go-to drink before I would travel to college and uni in the mornings. Yes I am different, as everyone always goes on about green tea etc, what can I say? I am not the norm… I did think this tea was going to be more minty, as I like the kick that mint gives you. Wasn’t the full strength for me, however I still enjoyed the tea nonetheless.

Golden Chamomile: Now this one is my favourite, I love it, simple. The luscious scents that the tea gave off, instant mmm for me. I felt like me and the tea were having our own private time together (in a chilled vibe way). It had a hint of sweetness and spice to it, an all round good cup of herbal tea.

Oh I forgot to mention the packaging. Oops, aren’t the little boxes the tea’s come in cute?

If you are a lover of herbal tea, or want to check out new brands of organic tea you should check out their website. Have a snoop.

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