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Fresh Cut

It might look the same to you, however I have gone shorter. My hair had grown fair bit since the chop so there was defiantly some length taken off, I naturally have thick hair so it was easy to create volume without teasing my hair or anything. My hairdresser bless her each step made sure consulted with me first of how much to cut off, double checking each time are you sure, which usually hairdressers are scissor happy chop off more than you wanted usually well in my experience, so it was refreshing to say the least, I said go back to Lydia’s hairdressing salon and I did, will continue too.

The actual cut I love, as love the feeling just touching back of my head, example it’s like when you shave your legs that smoothness you feel when there isn’t no hair, yep that’s how it feels. I am somebody who enjoys short hair, having boy cut if you like, still beautiful, still can be feminine have really short hair or no hair. Sorry had to go on my little soap box for second there, I’m back now.

What do you think? you like… Are you someone who like’s short hair? join the team, haha.

To read about my original chop, the big chop click here.

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