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TV Joys. Amazing Spaces Shed Of The Year.

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TV show currently enjoying, watch it each year. It always amazes me the work, creativity and the amount of attention to detail to each of their shed. I know must be thinking a show about a shed how interesting could it be. When you see the sheds that has entered in the competition, no ordinary bog standard sheds, from shed on a car, macro shed on a rail, shed turned into diner, with different categories today it was pub shed and budget shed, sadly my favourites didn’t get through, sad face, however enjoyed watching it all, hearing about the back story, how long it took them, the inspiration, where the materials was from. I just wish I knew one of them from the competition, hang out in their cool shed, let me forward my invitation, I accept. Sadly I have communal garden so don’t own a shed, and don’t think my creativity stretches that far, however it gives me hope when I watch these type of programmes, that might be able too.

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2 thoughts on “TV Joys. Amazing Spaces Shed Of The Year.

    1. Aww, yeah good distraction for me. That’s good you so focused on ya blogs, hats off to you, as know how time consuming it can be, for me I struggle with concentration badly, so it’s whatever works for you, thanks for reading liking my post 🙂 xx

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