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Never Letting Go Of My Inner Child







Bit of different blog post, I love toys, yes fully grown woman still loves toys. I like how it brings out your inner child, imagination, escapism, so many times as adults we get caught up in boring mundane daily chores of life. For me it’s a form relaxation, I’m not playing toys everyday or anything like that, more about creating a scene, from there stories just flow off. I think coming from illustration background, was in two minds doing animation at university however seeing people in the course, the level of work I wasn’t up to par, also lot of sides I wouldn’t have enjoyed, little random background information there for you.

The other day after busy emotionally draining week it was great to have fun day out no appointments, as it was advised to do something fun, and thankfully my partner took me, didn’t look at me like why, we did have purpose going to Toys R Us store as needed to buy something however that be separate post, as it be cute overload. So while there treated myself, something that reminded me of my childhood, to grasp the joys of how certain toys can make you feel. Allowing myself to feel excitement.

Who remembers sylvanian families? I’m glad they still going strong, selling in stores, as so many toys has changed now, or vanished, look at new Polly Pocket for example completely different from when I was a child.

Never letting go of my inner child, not ashamed…

PS thank you to my photographer partner.

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