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Outfit Of The Day With Crazy English Weather

Doing my look at the beauty of the scenery shot, haha.

Jumper dress with my jeans.

Excuse the white bits windy day so some
 bits was blown in my hair, and my friend didn’t think to tell me, cheers, lucky it’s my chum.  

Hello There

Starting to rain, my scarf acting as a hood at this point. Time to go!!!

Old Jacket: Diesel, Shoes: Primark, Jeans: Next, rest of the items was gifts from family or from my local shops.
Pictures taken at my local country park. Wish could of taken pics more of the park as it’s beautiful however it’s big park, as you know my legs can’t go far. Now back to the outfit, although this is just casual outfit, I love the pops of colour, and you can see it in the photos beautifully, even my rose on my crutch stands out, love how it all works. 
Hope you like the pictures as much as I do, taking pics with crazy English weather that’s commitment there, but I loved it won’t lie. 

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