White Lies Concert- Awesome!!!

What a way to end the year with the last concert/event of the year for me, yes I know we have Christmas Day and New Years celebrations ahead but you get my drift.

Of course I had my trustee pink rucksack I wear to all my concerts/gigs. I love getting the ticket of the event, as it bring memories.

White Lies concert was held at 02 Brixton Academy, you already know I have my pros and cons about that place, this time the staff wasn’t helpful getting us in the actual disabled bay, being in wheelchair you already lower so it’s hard to navigate through the crowds, we went to several staff members each not being able to help, it was a joke, when we finally got help, got to the disabled bay member of staff apologised to me as explained the difficulty which defused my stress, then at the end trying to get into disabled toilet, even with my key wasn’t opening, thankfully eventually member of staff helped, said new lock was installed was very helpful and apologetic . I was already bit moody, as before arrival we had a situation with Uber driver pulled off as we got to the car but that’s whole different topic/story for another time.

However once the band entered the stage, all the stress had disappeared…..

It was time to listen, sing along, dance a little (it’s me, in my wheelchair), and just simply enjoy the music, and the set up they had for the show, lightings/colours loved it.

This band was introduced to me by my partner, heard of their music but didn’t know of the band itself. After my partner going to countless gig/concerts with me, despite it not being his music at all, in honour of support of me, this concert was for him FINALLY, over due concert that catered to him. This tour was in honour of their 10th year anniversary album ‘To Lose My Life’ which is good album, even checked out their more recent music before attendance, so was able to sing a long to their singles which are real good.

I loved the crowd it was the mixture of ages, so for once I wasn’t the Grandma in the crowd, not saying the other ones attended didn’t have older people just it was few of us, where in this one great mix of ages, so it was nice. We drank well my partner did great deal more so, great vibes, brought us closer, we got to vibe out together and it was great, band performance on point. We could have easily attended their two dates at 02 Brixton Academy if we had the chance, we went on their 2nd night there, the ending was awesome. Attending this meant had to seriously rest beforehand, don’t get stressed, afterwards I was mega tired, achy to be expected just grateful could attend as literally going by hour by hour to see if could make it and I did, plus had real rough week that week as well, so meant A LOT to me. Plus I’m grateful he took concert pics, so was able to put these in this blog post. I am glad we attended it together, and it was something we could both enjoy 🙂

Did you go to concert recently, or attending one soon, let me know, love to hear about it?!

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