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Omid Djalili Stand Up Comedy At Fairfield Halls

One of his jokes was him doing this, won’t give the joke away, spoil it for others who be attending the show.ย 

So glad to be finally blogging about this event, as my health is bit crazy at the moment, what’s new, I know.. Despite being extra poorly, worried wouldn’t be able to go, literally was in bed all day until needed to get ready, slapped on some make up so I looked presentable, nice outfit well I thought it was, which will be in separate post outfit of the day. Bought the tickets months ago to Omid Djalili stand up gig as one day I was surfing the net as you do, in particular fairfield halls website looking at what’s coming up, there I saw it beaming in front of my very own eyes my favourite comedian is doing a stand up, couldn’t believe it, bought the tickets without no hesitation even if meant living on beans on toast for a month, ok being dramatic but you get the gist I was going end of. As so many times acts are at places that I can’t get too, but I won’t go on about that, let’s get back to this blog post, what it’s about, me going to Omid Djalili stand up show.

The warm up act was hilarious, note to people who are late to shows you going to get shamed out by the comedians, be prepared to be the butt of the joke, it’s all light hearted fun. No lie I laughed from start to end, being in the front row I got to experience eye to eye contact, Omid himself saw me laughing which won’t lie made me smile. However it gets better, after the show, got to meet Omid Djalili himself, as he was doing a signing of his book also signing tickets, taking pictures. When getting autograph Omid said to me I remember you from the audience, saw me laughing a lot and then we had quick chat as we took a picture together. I’ve grown up watching him whether it be on films, TV shows, stand up, here he was in the flesh, I hugged him. Without shadow of doubt one of the highlights of the year for me. Glad I was able to drag my butt as it was great evening. Can’t wait to read his autobiography, as not started it yet. So can’t review that. Even now when looking at the pictures I smile.

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